• The Movement Status of Screen Body in the Operation of Wheat Flour Mill Machinery Industry
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      Wheat Flour Mill Machinery


      Kazakhstan's wheat production is expected to reach 14 million tons in 2018, a decrease of 5.4% from the previous year, because the sown area has decreased to the second lowest level since 2004. 


      During the development of WHEAT FLOUR MILL MACHINERY, the movement of the screen body should be taken into account during the operation of the wheat flour mill machinery. Observe whether the four corners and the upper and lower amplitudes of the screen are consistent. If the amplitudes of the four corners are found to be unequal, check whether the material in the bin is blocked and the hanging device is normal. If the vertical amplitude is not equal, and the influence factors such as the jam in the bin are excluded, check the vertical position of the weight in the processing of the wheat flour mill machinery.


      The high-level flat screens of wheat flour mill machinery accessories need to be operated during the operation. The operation of the flat screen itself of the wheat flour mill machinery is mainly the start and stop; the maintenance of the flat screen, the detection and adjustment work is in the flour production process. important content. Automated wheat flour mill machinery not only constitutes a more comprehensive commodity system in terms of common skills and practices, but also satisfies the market needs in key equipment and key skills and embarks on a highly sophisticated road. It is necessary to continue to make innovations on its own, change backward operational concepts and develop thinking, improve the production power and diversification of wheat flour mill machinery, and complete the automated and healthy development of wheat flour mill machinery.

      The development of wheat flour mill machinery is closely related to the production of domestic food. At the same time, social development has also promoted people's attention to health. Therefore, it has started to request various kinds of food and has also made it more difficult to process wheat flour mill machinery. For example, the fineness of fineness, sediment content and so on.


      In recent years, domestic wheat processing has begun to improve the environmental pollution and economic benefits, and made corresponding improvements to these issues. Domestic wheat flour mill machinery in the international market, there is still a certain degree of backward technology, which undoubtedly deepens the cost, in order to improve the performance of the equipment, you need to use imported equipment to improve, to produce products suitable for use in the domestic environment.


      The high square screen is bulky, the wheat flour mill machinery is heavy, and starting with faults is likely to cause a major accident. Once the wheat flour mill machinery is operated, it is difficult to troubleshoot. Therefore, the screen hanging device and the bin door must be inspected carefully before starting. , The transmission mechanism, the inlet and outlet pipes, and the cloth tube, etc., are ready to start the equipment. The flat screen must be started completely at rest. When the entire wheat processing plant is to be stopped, it is necessary to stop the flat screen first. After the flat screen stops running, other flour machine parts and equipment are cut off.


      The market competition for today's wheat flour mill machinery is primarily a skills competition. Progressive skill content is already the subject of wheat flour mill machinery manufacturing. In the occupation of wheat flour mill machinery, through the selection of high-tech skills, production power can be improved, energy consumption can be reduced, yields and added value can be increased, the nutrient composition and flavor of wheat flour mill machinery can be maintained, and the safety of wheat flour mill machinery can be ensured.


      The use of high-tech skills in the use of wheat flour mill machinery, and then continue to introduce more skilled and more humane new equipment, new products, so that the device function greatly improved. Therefore, high-tech skills are some of the most important components of the top-level and top-level wheat flour mill machinery, and they have extensive application prospects. The wheat flour mill machinery market has broad prospects, but problems such as single machine automation, poor stability and reliability, unsightly appearance, and short life time have also caused domestic flour machine products to suffer criticism. At present, compared with foreign products, China's automated wheat flour mill machinery still has gaps in the level of science and technology. As a result, refined expertise has become the path the automated food processing machinery should take. In order to improve the flexibility and flexibility of wheat flour mill machinery, in order to improve productivity, in order to improve the ability of the flour machine to end the clutter. The motor is the primary power source for driving wheat flour mill machinery, and it is also one of the most widely used basic equipment for wheat manufacturers. Motor faults will not only affect the manufacturer's production, but may also cause serious safety accidents.

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