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       Wheat Flour Mill Project


      With the improvement of people’s living standards, the development of the WHEAT FLOUR MILL PROJECT industry has been promoted. The rapid development of the wheat flour mill project industry has also brought many problems. After many years of regulation, restrictions, and guidance, many small companies with serious pollution and poor equipment have been closed down or merged and reorganized. Because of the high concentration of organic waste generated in the production process of wheat flour mill project enterprises, pollution problems are inevitable. It is still very serious in domestic processing companies. Solving this problem requires large capital investment and requires advanced wheat flour mill project and technology.


      For wheat manufacturers, in order to achieve high efficiency, the quality of wheat flour mill project must be reliable, not just cheap, not quality. The environment must be suitable, placed in a relatively stable place, the surrounding environment should be clean, dry and ventilated. When using wheat flour mill project, before starting the machine, it is necessary to check whether there is any debris in the cavity of the host. Before the material is crushed, it must be inspected. Any impurities in the material must not be mixed to avoid damage to the wheat flour mill project.


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      In recent years, the destruction of local ecology by processing companies has changed to a certain extent, but it is still widespread. The domestic wheat flour mill project still needs to increase investment to improve the comprehensive utilization of wheat processing capacity with circular economy thinking. Its grain is solid, strong and able to withstand large extrusion pressures and shear forces. The endosperm is hard and hard to become powder. The embryo has a high fat content, is full of toughness and elasticity, and has a large crushing strength, which is beneficial to be put forward in the processing process. The wheat husk contains a large amount of cellulose, has high toughness, and is not easily broken during processing of wheat, and can be proposed during the milling process. In order to produce high-quality wheat products, not only high-quality wheat materials, but also reliable wheat flour mill project are needed.


      During the use of the wheat flour mill project, it is necessary to periodically check whether the fixed nut of the movable tooth plate is loose and all the fastening parts are not loosened. In particular, check the internal screw of the wheat flour mill project . Before starting the machine, inject proper lubricants. Increase the number of refuelings for continuous operation. The actual working hours of 300 hours, must maintain the wheat processing equipment spindle bearing cavity after the replacement of new oil.


      The hot sale of wheat and other miscellaneous food products has promoted the development of the wheat product industry and thus also promoted the development of the wheat flour mill project industry. Wheat product companies want to increase their cost savings by not only purchasing quality wheat flour mill project, but also maintaining and processing wheat flour mill project , and the specific maintenance of wheat flour mill project.


      1. The degree of grinding of the material. When operating the wheat flour mill project, the length of the grinding zone increases as the rolling distance decreases. At this time, the action of the fast roller on the material increases the number of teeth and the degree of grinding increases, but the unit flow rate of the wheat flour mill project decreases accordingly.


      2. The capacity of the grinding material. As the wheat is grinded one by one, as the endosperm is gradually scraped, the bulk density of the material will be reduced with the number of skin grinding channels pushed back, and the unit flow of wheat flour mill project will also be reduced.


      3. Grinding tooth height. In the grinding process, as the grinding teeth gradually wear, the grinding teeth do not easily grasp the material, and the sliding on the surface of the grinding roller increases, that is, the moving speed of the material in the grinding area decreases. And because the height of grinding teeth is reduced, the material in the gaps between the two grinding teeth is reduced, and the output of wheat flour mill project is gradually reduced.


      4. Into the same grinding system, the uniformity of the material particles. As a result, wheat flour mill project cannot be shipped, and the output of wheat flour mill project will be reduced.



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